uv got to keep up: a new installer announced!

uv got to keep up: a new installer announced!

February 16, 2024

Astral, Charlie Marsh’s company best known for Ruff, announced uv today, “an extremely fast Python package installer and resolver, written in Rust.” uv is intended as a “drop-in replacement for pip and pip-compile.”

Some early feedback looks very encouraging, e.g.,

uv is not yet at full feature parity with pip and pip-compile, but given Astral’s track record, we can expect that to change quickly.

An exciting announcement that came in parallel is that Astral is taking stewardship of rye, the experimental all-in-one tool for package and project management also written in Rust. The hope is that uv and rye will ultimately develop into a single tool that will install Python, install packages, build packages, create and manage virtual environments, manage dependencies, etc.

I was working on the rye entry for the Python Developer Tooling Handbook today; I’ve already got some revising to do!

Update: @ryxcommar shared instructions and explanation for using uv in a Python Docker project.

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